Another in the sketch book. I am getting bored of this sketchy, fast style. I think I should make some works that require at least a few hours. 


   So I have been having this mind blowing rave night. (Supynes festival) Around 3 at night, I want to go to my tent for a snack, or a drink. I am not sure. Whatever the case, I see my sketchbook lying around. I decide to draw something. I remember that I decided to trust my hand, shut out my mind and just draw. This is what happened then...

This one was done the same night, about 4 hours later. Not as abstract, I guess my mind was getting more sharp. 


                                                         We are God,
                                                         'Couse one we can create the idea
                                                         Of His existence in our holy brains




The elevator experience

  I had this interesting experience recently. I was going home just like I have been for many years before. I live in a twelve story building. So I enter the elevator cabin...and then a sudden realisation hits me.
   "This cabin. At this moment, in my personal experience, nothing else exists, it is just me in this little box.".
  I felt this feeling of freedom. The feeling of "living in the moment". It was empowering.
  We could agree that the past does not exist. It is gone, past is only memories, but memories do not exist in the real world. Also, there is foreseeable future. We live in a universe so complex and chaotic, that predicting the future is silly. We can create expectations on what the future is like, but that is all they are. Fruits of our fantasy.
  So, back to this elevator. I felt freed in a way. I realised that the only reality that I have is this one, this moment. That means that there are no future deadlines awaiting me, no unpleasant events, no friends and no enemies. A moment of pure, lone(not necessarily lonely) existence.
  Ever since the experience, I have began looking at life differently. The moment when I am sitting on the roof with a woman becomes so much more sweeter when you realise that at that moment, it is all that you have in this world. The weight of future plans becomes much more easy to carry.
  Living in the moment, because there is no future and there is no past.

One Infinity


I love pastels for their intense, vivid colours... A self-portrait. 

One Infinity


This one here is about two years old. I do not get bored by it. 

One Infinity
  While visiting the beaches...